word processor for pc windows 7

It display efficiently Chinese characters, and the paste function also can paste chinese readable characters.
OpenOffice is probably the best downloadable word processor of 2017, happy feet wombo combo lol definitely one of the best in my opinion.
In fact, the only app i've ever found that does is Crypt Edit Lite.
@joeguru Thanks for the great list of free word processors!Youll just have to share its link with your friends and youre good.To use this word processor program, you have to make a Zoho account first or link your Google account.WPS 2015 crashed when ordered to open this document.Additionally, you can open up to eight databases simultaneously inside one program instance (and you can start multiple instances of the program should you wish to do so).Etherpad, etherpad is mostly used by developers to edit real time coding, but later on it evolved as a valuable word processor program.It is a must have for students that need lightweight word processor programs as its real approach is to edit documents for those who are working in collaboration with each other.The best thing of all is that everything is free on their website, saved me a bundle.I would check out.Despite its obvious power, TreePad X Enterprise remarkably offers the habitual standards of all TreePad products: it is just as easy to use, and just as easy to install.One thing (maybe partly from being a new look) is the function names mostly have to be read - icons are too small to be of use.Most people only use about 5 of the capability of their computers and the software cricket games for windows 8 they have installed on it, but if the computer or the software isn't capable of doing what they need then it isn't up to the standards that they need.I've found Ableword a reliable little program.Whatever you may want, IBM Lotus Symphony has.Thats not just all that it has, it even has a Text-to-html and html-to-Text editor.What was once called an OpenOffice replica, now happens to be a tough competitor of the same word processor program.
AbleWord and TextMaker are the only programs that were able to open all files, but for the file with page background images these were omitted.