wordpress 3.5 media manager tutorial

For example, we have used the code above to add.
Line 3 Do a security check here based on the _wpnonce attribute that we added earlier to our destination url.
Mime - mime type, for example image/jpeg" me - name of attachment file, for example "my-image" atus - usual is "inherit" btype - "jpeg" if is "jpg" /attachment.This is the id that is looked for in the custom-header javascript file.The custom-header script creates wifi password hacker for pc for an image selection narcissus and goldmund pdf frame, and ties it to an interface element, for example a button or link.The largest hurdle I faced was finding a way to pass data through to the upload script.The data-update attribute contains the name of the image selection button.It sets up all the relevant settings, localizes menu text, and loads in all the appropriate javascript files.This was largely done through trial and error but I got there in the end (thanks.We have included the new WordPress media manager interface into our own plugin.This is the same script that is used when selecting theme custom header images.I hope this post helps others implement them." data-update"?php esc_attr_e( 'Set as default image'?It then calls a url or our choice with the selected image.Add Relevant Javascript, the previous media manager uses thickbox and was a lot more complicated to add.On close gk_media_set_image / image selection event ames.Define the characteristics of the media manager window that our script uses.Add the Media Manager Button or Link.Gk_frame dia( title: 'Select image multiple: false, library: type: 'image', button: text: 'Use selected image' It is worth adding support for translations for the sequence of symbols used in the above code via the wp_localize_script function.Url; clicked_l(url ; / closing event for media manger ames.On close gk_media_set_image and when selecting an image (clicking the Use selected image button ames.We dont want this, the simple solution is to simply trigger the bog standard uploader, much like was possible with the old thickbox media uploaders.
EditLink - edit link of media lename /attachment.