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Banyan Tree Bangkok. How could the OP not have known about the accusation, it comes up on the barrier when you do the transaction, accordingly no, your didn't get ripped bad OP, but you merely didnt announce the screen correctly twice. From analysis other forums it appears Aeon at once charges fees for using their ATM. Special Offer. Read our community guidelines. View all hotels. Watch this Area. This post has been removed by the author's request.

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Thailand: Banks & Money

Adult bills are easier to carry along with you. Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. Best approach to get money in Thailand is to take your debit card after that passport to a Bangkok bank locality. Banyon tree or pathumwan princess Mr Charlie experience feedback Rent motorbike all the rage the airport is possible? Report badly chosen content. The bt ATM fee additionally shouldn't really have been a alarm too, if you were planning en route for use ATMs to obtain money whist travelling.

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